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I thought that I'd reach out to the forum and get some feedback from other iPhoto users as to the best place to get photos printed.

Here are a few questions:

1) Where have you sent your digital photos to get printed?
We don't do this enough that its worth the time or effort in having an inkjet photo quality printer. Our old Canon Pixma iP 1600 bottom of the line does ok for a quick printout.
However where do you send your photos to get done when you want a better result so far we've used:
i) Apple iPhoto store - great quality, convenient integration with iPhoto, downside is prices in US$0.19 per print (although not as bad now that the Canadian $ has appreciated so much), and the long shipping time since these get processed by Kodak in a plant in the US
ii) Loblaws' - handy for instore pickup, very cheap $0.13 per print for a 4x6, awful quality - we won't use them again

We're in the GTA and would like to hear others experience in terms of photofinishing and something that integrates nicely with iPhoto if possible.

The only reason for the later point about iPhoto is that I found when I sent the pictures to be printed when not using iPhoto - I had to hunt on my hard drive for the picture then the one that I sent seemed to be the original not the edited version - any tips here.

Finally any thoughts on the maximum size of an iPhoto library we're closing in on 2700 pictures and 9GB. I noticed today that iPhoto forced me to rebuild my thumbnails - any thoughts? I don't want to risk having performance issues or corrupted files (I do have a firewire drive that I backup my entire harddrive to on a bi-weekly basis).

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