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I am looking for pointers on what would be the best way to share photos. Currently my wife and I have a myriad of photos on all 3 macs, her iBook, my MBP and our trusty old G4 iMac. The G4 has an external Firewire HD. Ideally I would like to move our entire iPhoto libraries to the External HD and then share this with the other computers on the network. This should allow us to only download the pictures once from our cameras instead of the 3 times that we sometimes do now.

How do we move the iPhoto library to the external HD??? Is it problematic that the iMac is running iPhoto 5 while both laptops are running iPhoto 6. I guess I can upgrade the iMac to iPhoto 6 if need be. I guess the other dilemna is that on the iMac we have separate user accounts. Can both users look at the same iPhoto library on the external HD???

I don't particularly want to get in to a debate over whether or not iPhoto is the best program to share a few thousand pics among 3 or machines. It is what we, mostly my wife, are comfortable with.

Can a similar solution be used for iTunes moving it's library to the External HD and sharing with all the other machines from there??

Would the speed of the iMac play a problem in the sharing? We will upgrade the machine but I am inclined to wait until Leopard machines are shipping.

Thanks in advance.
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