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The phones are obviously running on the Rogers EDGE network, but additionally they have Rogers sim cards in them and they say "Rogers" at the top of the screen instead of AT&T.

The employees have been given strict instructions not to make calls with the phones (not sure why). The person I talked to also said that the YouTube application was not working on their training units, and suggested there the network/data connection is still not entirely ready for the iPhone.

This at least tells us that the ball is rolling (Rogers branding in the UI), but also that it might be some time before all the kinks are worked out (issues with the YouTube app). Anyway, I just wanted to share this info with all of you since I'm sure many of you are as excited as I am for it to make it to Canada.
Nothing of what you has said lends any evidence that there are "Rogers SIMS in them"

If anything, what you have said suggests simply the iPhone roaming onto the Rogers GSM network (voice and data subject to large roaming fees) - which is standard for all GSM devices with roaming agreements between carriers such as AT&T and Rogers have...
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