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Wow, just hours after people bought them, the iPhone is all over the site!

Right now, the highest I have seen is around $1550 USD for the 8GB, and the other 8GB models are starting at $800 USD and up. Most of them are already in the $900 USD for the 8GB models on eBay with less than 20 hours to go.

It is kind of sad to see that some of these people waited in line just to SELL them on eBay instead of actually using them.

The irony is, people were complaining about the price, but on eBay you will see the price has more than doubled for a few auctions and is on its way to triple the price near the end of these auctions, so I guess price is no object eh?


Good Luck getting one on eBay unless you have a ton of money to throw around ;)
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