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Hey guys, my iPhone 5C seems to be having some weird problems.

1. It can't seem to find our time zone, therefore the time is incorrect. I can set it manually but.....
2. It also randomly restarts and looses the time I manually set. I've only seen it reset to either 12:00 Am or 7:00 Pm.
3. The battery percentage moves around very quick and is very random. Leaving it plugged in for a long time I can get it to 100 percent but if it randomly restarts, it usually shows below 10 percent.
4. Another note, I have only got it activate once using iTunes, however without I/T I can't get the phone to activate. It's saying it can't connect to the server and to try again later. It's connected to wifi and is showing 2 - 3 bars of 3G. I'm assuming that it has something to do with the date/time problem. Makes sense if I'm able to fix the time zone problem, I should then be able to connect to the apple server.

Has anyone seen this problem before, and if so, were they able to get it fixed?

BTW I have already tried a new battery with no change, and I refuse to ship it out to Apple.

Thanks in advance.
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