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Here we go.

The powers that be at Rogers have deemed me worthy of an iPhone 3GS upgrade, so some lucky soul will obtain my iPhone 3G, 16GB, black.

It has had a Power Support anti-glare LCD-protection film (the best I've reviewed) and a Switcheasy Capsule Rebel (black) case since day 1, so it's fairly pristine. I'm leaving both on for your continued protection! Fantastic battery life. Very low talk time since this is my backup phone, very low usage overall as you'll see in the usage picture. Compare usage with other phones on sale!

Prefer to deal in person, in Toronto, with known ehMac members. I 'moderate' the Classifieds here, so I'm going to make sure I know who I'm dealing with before we meet up.

Includes original box and accessories. No SIM card, of course. Phone will be virginized, erased and wiped so you'll get that new purchase feeling starting out. It has not been unlocked or jailbroken at any time, purchaser is free to do so and I can point you to free resources.

More pictures to follow. 50+ positive feedback here on ehMac.

Since the phone is under warranty until July 30th, price is $375. (SOLD)
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