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Has anyone been following this debacle?

Pretty wild.

The top ad blocker, pulls out from app store after a few days on the market and a moment of consciousness/clarity.

Then the baton gets passed to the next top app grosser - Crystal - in same category who was:

a) charging for the app
b) then soon started to collect fees from ad publishers to get whitelisted (get through the blocker)

The best part is - this was done all in the name of "fast browsing, focus on content, less data and more battery" and reclaiming the web for users (wink wink). He's collected $75k so far.

But the whitelisting of ad publishers has not been well received - at all. When I went looking a few days ago, I posted this tweet w/ comments from the apps store:

This has been a spirited discussion w/ both sides making their points, and its far from over. the Crystal's app dev quit his job to focus on this full time, drinking his own kool aid I gather. Either way, TBC.

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