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Intuit is very unresponsive to letters, etc. I have waited over 2 hours for phone support (I'm paying the toll), trying to fix what apparently was a known bug in one version of eFile (I think TaxYear 1998). The solution: save the file to a floppy, and open that file from within QuickTax to eFile. Glad I called, there was no way I was going to come up with that by myself. Good thing I didn't have an iMac.

This was when QuickTax offered a "money-back guarantee" if you wern't satisfied, and I wasn't. I phoned, sent an eMail and a snailmail request for my "money-back guarantee", but heard/saw/cashed nothing.

They send me not one but two of their Windows mailings about every 3 weeks, starting in December. Needless to say, no amount of communication on my part results in eliminating the dupilcate mailing on their part. I guess I get treated so well because I bought my first copy for tax year 1994. It came on 2 floppies, and looks pretty much exactly like the CD version we buy today. Hmmmm...

The "Deal" Windows users get is "Free" Norton Utilities. Intuit's idea of free differs somewhat from mine, though. You have to buy the app first, and send for a rebate. Worse, the rebate only covers the upgrade cost for previous owners of the full, boxed, retail version. OEM users (installed with a new PC) aren't eligible, although anyone can buy a new retail copy and get the rebate to partly offset the cost.

In other words, throw 'em away; you aren't missing much.

This really begs the question as to how, exactly, Intuit is even able to justify making QuickTax for Macintosh, seeing as how their own databases consist of 100% Windows customers.

I went so far as to buy GriffTax last year (it's Mac-only and even runs on System 6). Unfortunatly the interface made me long for paper forms, and I couldn't get eFile to work at all. Stubborn and more than a little upset with Intuit, I decided to print and mail the return. Well, printing didn't work either. However, they were quick to respond to all inquiries, and tried in vain to solve my problems. When I asked for a refund, I had an eMail the next day detailing the credit to my card.

I ended up eFiling a new return prepared on a borrowed copy of QuickTax for Windows, via Virtual PC. Interestingly, when the TaxMan sent me my summary, there were a few errors (recalculations) on my QuickTax return. When I checked the figures against my electronic copy, Grifftax's numbers matched Revenue Canada's to the penny. Oh, well.
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