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I just wanted to bitch about Inuit Canada. For the past four years I've bought their Quicktax software for my Mac. They send me a reminder every year and I always buy it. This year they send me a reminder and order form... for the Windows version only. DUH!

Anyway, I go to their site and they do have a Mac version but it is obviously not for OS X as it will run on System 7.5 and up. So I sent them an e-mail asking if it will run inside Classic. They sent me an autoresponse and then... (four days later) nothing!

Anyway, to make myself feel better I sent their order form back and wrote across it "I've bought the Mac version for the past four years. Why are you sending me an order form for the Windows version only?"

I'm really unimpressed, especially as their CEO is on the Apple Board of Directors.
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