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Accounting software company Intuit announced that it has appointed Jeff Cates as managing director of Intuit Canada. Before joining Intuit, Jeff Cates led the consumer and enterprise division at Apple Canada. Intuit has stated that Cates will lead its strategic growth and its go-to-market strategies for its small business and consumer offerings.

It's an interesting development to have someone as managing directer at Intuit Canada who has a strong Mac background. Over the years, Intuit's commitment to the Canadian Mac marketplace has been spotty at best. Do a search of Intuit on, and you'll find plenty of threads with members expressing their frustration. There's a monster thread going on now entitled, The ongoing Canadian Mac Accounting software issue in which a (brave) representative from Intuit Canada participates.

Whether or not this appointment will improve things for Canadian Mac users remains to be seen. William Campbell, the CEO of Intuit, is also on Apple board of directors, and only in the past couple of weeks, is "updating" their Quicken 2007 software to be compatible with Mac OS X Lion.

Intuit has had a history of being very behind on their releases of Mac versions of software and spotty with its support for certain products, such as discontinuing the Mac desktop version of QuickTax, and discontinuing QuickBooks for Mac in Canada, then re-releasing a rebranded MYOB as QuickBooks, then not updating it etc... We often then hear that support for the Mac market is based on previous lack of success and acceptance of it's Mac product offering which is then attributed to a small Mac market.
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