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Ladies and gents, just thought I would post this here.

As some of you might know, International Women's Day is coming up March 8th 2015. I had been discussing the idea of doing a tech talk w/ some accomplished ladies in tech with this group i'm a part of - DevTO - for a number of reasons. But essentially, it's come to fruition.

On March 9th, we have some great ladies speaking in Toronto in their work experience in tech:

Jen Simmons
Clarissa Peterson
Anita Clarke

There will be a Q&A moderated by Mandy Gilbert, CEO of Creative Niche.

Never thought of mentioning this out here, but for any/all who want to cone along, you're more than welcomed. There's a ticket link on the page. We're still about 3 weeks out and we've sold just over 100 tickets. Very excited.

Thanks for reading.

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