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Interesting spam on my mac

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I just had an interesting bit of spam in my inbox. I selected the message to flag it as spam then it instantly opened the message in it's own window.
I was offline when i did this so presumably I was safe.

The question is, was this a spam designed for Mac??

This is the first time in 8 years of Mac usage that I have had to do anything other than mark it as junk.
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Perhaps you just double clicked on it without realizing?
Nope. Soon as I clicked on the close window button, it re-opened in a new window.
Do you have html disabled? Also which email program was this with?

It sounds like a javascript with to me :)
html is enabled and the mail program is Mail 2.1.1 that comes with Panther.

I removed it by opening a new viewer window and junked it. The point is, I am so used to not having problems, it was a bit of a suprise. Which led me to my next thought, is this spam designed for Mac?
That's pretty unusual.
I was offline when i did this so presumably I was safe.
Offline should be safe. It is certainly a good idea to view your mail off-line. More users should make that little bit of extra effort, 'cause you just never know.:eek:
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