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Interesting qestion regarding "next" iPod

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Interesting question regarding "next" iPod

As many people have found out, the iPod portion of new iPhone is not working quite as well as some might like. iPod accessories are not really working with the iPhone. (iPod Add-Ons & iPhone: What You Need to Know | iLounge)

So the question is... if Apple does update the iPod to have the same touchscreen interface and OSX-based OS, will it suffer from the same problems? Is Apple perhaps trying to push for a new set of accessories, or will they eventually support the old accessories?

The reason I ask is, since my iPod was stolen and car radio broken (see my previous thread... and no, insurance is not replacing my iPod), I will be getting a new car radio, and eventually a new iPod. I found a radio that has an iPod connector built-in (for control and charging), so that would be ideal for me... HOWEVER, I was thinking of waiting until the next iPod update to replace my iPod. So the question for me is... will my fancy iPod-ready car radio be useless by the next iPod update?

What do you think? Is Apple going to ditch their old accessories with the next iPod revision?

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Seems to me even if they do change the old style will be around for a few weeks.

Do you really want to try and work a touch screen while you're driving?:eek:
Uhhh. No. :lmao:

But I did mention the car radio had control functions. That was my point... with the current iPods, I can change track from the radio. And see my track name from the radio. That way, the iPod stays in the glove box. BUT, if they make changes similar to the iPhone, that wouldn't work anymore.

Won't you be taking the iPod with you from now, i.e., not leaving in the glove compartment? And the stereo, it will have a removable face or be entirely removable, no?
Yes, and yes. (not that it helps any... if they break the window again just to see what's inside, I'm out the cash for the repair anyway!)

And your point? My question was regarding the iPod controls. Any thoughts?

Personally, I would wait.

There's no way to tell right now whether it will work or not. Once the new iPods are out and new accessories become available you should look for a new deck.

For now.. pick up a cheap deck with an auxiliary input, so at least you can plug the iPod direct from the headphone port. (this is what I do) It's pretty simple to create playlists and such and just let it go, rather than skipping tracks, etc.
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