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Interested in Writing Mac reviews?

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Envy News seeks Mac reviewers - two of them. One must have an iPod. Both must have Macs, 2.1Mpixel or higher-resolution digital cameras, broadband access is prefered, and you must have an affinity towards creative-writing and a good understanding of Mac OS X, trouble-shooting OS X. Knowledge of PHP and/or HTML is an asset. Eighteen years or older, male or female accepted.

Advantages: You keep all items that you review. You will report to RtC and ultimately me. This has no monetary remuneration, but hardware does flow fast and strong, so those that seek plentiful gizmo/gadget/peripheral gear at the cost of your own time, then please apply!

Please send a PM here on EhMac to me, or an e-mail to: [email protected].

I'm sorry EhMax for posting this here, but I have a desperate need of Mac reviewers.

Thanks in advance,

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Very well-written review.

Found a tiny error, too:

"apposed" should be written "opposed" in the Features page --

"The acrylic used is not easily bent and according to MacMice it is hand-heated, as apposed to machine, which gives the plastic greater strength."
that's a lot of "m"s.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words of encouragement. I do a lot of writing and I'm happy to be able to contribute to Though I may be a newbie to compared to many of you, I'm glad to be a part of the Mac community. I'm looking forward to hanging around here more often.
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1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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