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Interested in Writing Mac reviews?

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Envy News seeks Mac reviewers - two of them. One must have an iPod. Both must have Macs, 2.1Mpixel or higher-resolution digital cameras, broadband access is prefered, and you must have an affinity towards creative-writing and a good understanding of Mac OS X, trouble-shooting OS X. Knowledge of PHP and/or HTML is an asset. Eighteen years or older, male or female accepted.

Advantages: You keep all items that you review. You will report to RtC and ultimately me. This has no monetary remuneration, but hardware does flow fast and strong, so those that seek plentiful gizmo/gadget/peripheral gear at the cost of your own time, then please apply!

Please send a PM here on EhMac to me, or an e-mail to: ed[email protected].

I'm sorry EhMax for posting this here, but I have a desperate need of Mac reviewers.

Thanks in advance,

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A third spot?
Looks like the odds have just increased.

Guess I'd better redo my resumé, I think perhaps I could have added a few more things, I'm sure I've got something a bit more note worthy I could add hmmmm....

(- Experience as a Moderator for a now dead and defunct well known Canadian Macintosh BBS for 5 years, The BBS died in 1999, That's where I started writing, Should I use Cory Doctorow's name of [ A now "famous" Canadian Internet writer ]...I'm sure he wouldn't mind, Well...I had a forum right next to his forum within "The Internet Café" on the M.A.G.I.C. BBS)

(- I'm a member of way too many message boards and forums all over the Internet, Except TV Ontario)

(- Founding member and beta tester of )


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Never heard of Helix, Have you ever heard of the Sanctuary BBS (It was the Magic BBS' competition, But it also died in 1999)
BTW, Both of these BBS' were First Class BBS'
Magic was a First Class Internet BBS that could be accessed through the Internet with an Internet browser, Sanctuary could have been accessed that way as well, It's an unfortunate and sad story about Magic, It could have been saved but I think the endless battle to save it is what ultimately killed it.
(I still have screen shots of the desktop of Magic...Somewhere)

P.S. Ask MacDoc about both of these BBS', He was a member of both of them.


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"Old timers"...I certainly hope I'm not that old, The internet used to be quite expensive back in the old days [ heheh] and a dial up BBS was the next best thing, Most times it was free.
[Pssst...Wanna buy an old USRobotics Sportster 2400]

It's was just a little tongue in cheek thought,
I did some back tracking on the "Old timers" earlier today and found this site of interest.

Just thought I'd share this information to those that might want to know more about the history of the Mac Plus Apple Macintosh.

I'm only mentioning this because I had in the near past run into people that still use the Mac Plus to surf the Internet, There are people out there that still use these Mac's, I find it quite amazing.



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I think I read that it's Neil's birthday today on Envy News, If it is...Then..."Happy Birthday Neil".

(If it isn't your birthday...Then ignore this post)

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