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Installing PC2100 266mhz RAM for a iBook PC2700 333mhz?

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I want to purchase RAM for the last G4 iBook model, but its listed as using PC2700 333mhz RAM. I found a good deal on powerbook RAM, but it's PC2100 266mhz. What's the difference? Should I get it for my iBook? Any compatibility issues?

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PC-2100, if installed in that machine, will run at PC-2700 speeds. (Read: Overclocked RAM). That may or may not cause stability issues, and possibly hardware failure. It is not recommended. Get the proper RAM for your machine. :)
What Lars says ^

If it is the 1.42 GHz model, it likely won't boot with the PC2100 module -- the Mac checks the SPD of the module. Haven't tried it myself, don't recommend that you do either.
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