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Fa 66

according to Edirol's website, you're supposed to start up your mac, connect the Firewire, then powerup the FA66. the driver is supposed to be installed automatically. Then you have to mess around in Audio and MIDI settings, add new Device in MIDI, in Audio use the FA66 as output device, play sound effects etc thru it, and get this....after you've added it as a new device in Audio MIDI, you're supposed to connect the t and s symbols to those of the New External device icon by clicking and dragging between them :yikes: sorry-never heard of that before, then close audio midi setup, and check to see if you hear sound. If you've done this and everything else works fine, then maybe ignore it. Apparently there was a cdrom included, or so says the user manual. Oh, and if you wanna change sample rates, you're going to have to power cycle the FA66. gah-dang this is weird...beejacon
the manual wasn't super-helpful so maybe try a forum or edirol/roland website

well, I tried

John B
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