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iMovie help

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I was given a mini DVD tonight that came from a Sony camcorder. First off the mini disc doesn't work with the superdrive in my MacBook Pro so i had to copy the video_ts folders off that disc with my wifes Dull laptop and burn a full sized DVD. I then tried to open the video folders with iMovie and iDVD and both didn't want to import the movie VOB's. The disc is two sided so there's two parts to the movie that they wanted to combine into a single movie which I figured wouldn't be too hard with my Mac...but I can't seem to get either software app to import the files. I've had to resort to using DVDShrink on the Dull to get the job done which is mighty embarrassing considering I touted the Mac as the media powerhouse before I got started :eek:
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As an update I found that Toast can do just what I need very easily so I've got a solution but i'm still curious if it could have been done in an "i" app.
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