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Does anyone know of an alternative Overlap Transition Plugin?

We are putting together a slideshow of our adoption story. The movie is compiled entirely from Photos and randomly when we try and use the Overlap transition iMovie melts down and crashes.

I have gone through all kinds of online help on the issue and we are obivously not the only ones with these problems. Deleting preferences repairing permissions nothing seems to fix this odd behaviour. So I am now on the lookout for an alternative that produces essentially the same effect. Cross Dissolve works to an extent but doesn't quite produce the effect we need. In fact cross dissolve causes a slight burp (quick black) in the transition which is also annoying and takes away from the general effect.

This happens on both my wifes iBook and my MBP. The movie project is located on an external HD with over 100 GB of free space.

Any other users overcome this problem??
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