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iMovie display problem

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Just put together a "slide show" for a wedding using iMovie. No problem with the music or sound however; after I burnt the DVD and played the show the images are clipped even though I have a wide screen TV. The movie was made in a DV-NTSC-Widescreen format and plays fine when previewed on my iMac. What is the problem? I need a solution asap. My plan is to play the movie through a DVD player and into a projector....don't have to worry about PowerPoint that way. Any suggestions please.
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Before you burn in iDVD you need to select the screen format you wish the DVD to use from one of the menus at the top of the screen. I forget which menu.... maybe someone else can elaborate further.
Several options available. Under Preferences/SlideShow there is an option to always scale to TV safe area. Under Project I have selected the Widescreen format. Again I can't understand why it plays widescreen on my computer but not on a widescreen TV. Maybe I'll try to turn off "scale to TV safe area" and burn another dvd.
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