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I'm watching an old Simpson rerun... the one where Homer builds the "Mr. X" muckraking website... hilarious.

The computer (retail: $5000) is obviously a Power Macintosh (G3 or G4 tower design). Right down to the Classic OS window widgets / ribbed title-bar and startup sound.

We should give an award to whomever is able to identify the exact model of Mac they took the sound from...

Favourite moment: Homer brings it home, sets it up, and begins computing: He picks up the mouse (a la "Scotty" in Star Trek IV) and issues a voice command: "Computer, Kill Flanders". Flanders is walking past and says "Did I hear my name? My ears are burning". Homer leans into the mouse and whispers, "Good start.. now finish the job!"

...oh, I have 'way too much time on my hands...

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