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I saw The Who (what's left of them :D) sometime last year at the ACC...I think I was in section 108 or 107 and wasn't too impressed (pretty far away)...I could see them and all, but they were a little small :D From 101 things look like they'd be pretty small...At that concert, I would have preferred 110 or 117 tickets since it would have been ALOT closer, but it really depends on the stage setup as to whether the view would be good or possibly very obstructed.

Maybe I'm a bit picky though. Personally, I find that if you're not going to have close up floor tickets, it really doesn't make much of a difference (at least to me) so long as you can see them (at least you'll be able to hear regardless).

Most ticket sales are such a joke (esp. Ticketmaster). As the date approaches, they will probably "drop" more good tickets (good luck knowing when though). And if you're wondering where all the really good tickets went, well, the public only gets access to a few of those, while alot go to brokers so they can price gouge.
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