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Maybe someone here can help me.

I purchase all my Mac equipment at Microserv in Montreal, Quebec, and recently order Final Cut Studio 2. The main reason why I purchase with them is because they offer 6 months no interest with an instore credit card.

So while I waited for my package to arrive at Microserv I put enough money on the card to buy my upgrade.

I go in today because I called them and was told they received it (they never actually called me and they never do.) As I'm ready to pick it up I give them my account number and they're like "Oh sorry, we don't do the 6 months no interest plan anymore". Now, if I have known this I would've paid the damn card when it was due and would just buy the upgrade flat out.

Now I'm screwed, I don't have enough money to buy the upgrade which I could've used a few of the features for a clients project. I have to wait atleast a month before I can have the dough for that purchase.

Does anyone know any other Apple retailer who offers financing, 3 months, 6 months, whatever, interest free? It sucks for Microserv, I spend thousands of dollars a year and because of some stupid conflict or whatever I get screwed and need to find a new shop to do my purchases.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just very frustrated that I'm set-back for ridiculous reasons. Any help would be appreciated.

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