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I, too, have been watching very carefully to decide which method to use. A couple days ago I followed the dev team method (not via the installer, but via SSH) and had a lot of fun with my new 1.1.3 iPhone. Went for a long walk and tracked myself on the new Maps app using the locate me function. (First you have to run a one time separate app called Locate me which is available by the installer. And you have to do this every time you reboot. But after that the cool new fauxGPS thing works great in Canada.) BUT later that day I noticed calendar and then Maps stopped working. They would just crash. I wasted many hours that evening trying to solve the problems, and then downgraded to 1.1.2 which was a bit of a rigamarole, but doable. Now I'm waiting to try 1.1.3 again. I stress **waiting**. Each day there are new developments. I notice the DevTeam installer-based version is now "Official 1.1.3 upgrader 1.1.3-2" with a "2" on the end. Also there is the 13 year old wiz kid Arix and his iJailBreak 1.0. This also works via the installer, hence is platform independent. As of yesterday people are reporting success with both of these. But I'm going to wait just a bit longer. Keep checking these sites for most updated and reliable information:
iJailBreak - Home
iPhone Atlas - iPhone guides, help, applications, news and more, updated daily.
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