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Ignatieff repositions himself... Are the knives out for Dion?

Getting Iraq Wrong
Article by Michael Ignatieff from the New York Times and Globe and Mail this weekend.

Interesting article from a man who claims to be learning about politics vs academia. Of course, in politics you are generally better off keeping quiet about your mistakes... which makes me think that Ignatieff may be jettisoning baggage in preparation for Part II of his leadership bid. Are the knives out for Dion... or is Ignatieff positioning himself for a post election struggle on the assumption that Dion will lose? Any other readings of this?

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what else could iggy (the piggy) do except admit he was an idiot on the iraq war?
it certainly cost him the liberal leadership and his personal friendship with bob (don't call me NDP) rae

liberals are in disarray as they have not closed ranks in around dion
iggy-ites didn't take the loss very well and are looking for round 2


look for dion's people to support kennedy as per their deal

the wild card for the next liberal leadership race will be trudeau which could cost both iggy and kennedy the leadership

kennedy's people were really pi$$ed that trudeau entered politics as they know it will seriously hurt kennedy's chances for leadership next time around

i think liberals know what iggy stands for and as the old saying goes; a leopard can't change his spots

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I think that Dion is still underestimated.

Not a terribly thoughtful piece, but it raises the concept: - Lorrie Goldstein - Conservatives best wake up

Dion is in a tough position and needs to decide if he wants to fight a 2008 election or not. If not, Harper will put him in difficult positions to weaken him and the Liberals (he has already done this successfully a couple times, exposing the Liberal fear of electioneering). Time to stand up and push back, in my opinion. Harper missed his best chance earlier this year and now has to build up a real record.

Ignatieff is an asset to the Liberals, as per his performance in parliament and his open and intelligent discussion of things that politicians are too afraid to speak of honestly. This adds a certain openness and strength to the Liberals that they need. Demonstrating that they are a diverse team to those that care about such details. They benefit from not just being yet another yell-about-everything opposition, but balancing party unity with open dialogue is not easy.

That makes Ignatieff ineligible to be a winning leader -- politicians are afraid to speak honestly with good reason. The thoughtful academic that offers biting criticism of the government is handy, but the party, as a unified entity, must be presented to the public. Dion can do this, but has not.

Leftovers from the idiot Martinite revolt could be involved, or new power-partitions (as opposed to ideological partitions). It looks like Dion will only get one shot (election), and it's up to the Liberal party if they really try to win.

Trudeau-maniacs, Rae fans etc.: is it more important to get your horse in after Dion loses than working towards a Dion win? I do not think that the parties within the Lib party have honestly thought through the implications (expertise, Con adaptation etc.) of picking the dumb-arse path.
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