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Hi all. Just updated to the latest iLIFE package and now iDVD can't see any of the TV shows I have in my iTUNES library.

The TV shows are recorded with an Elgato Hybrid and then exported from EYE-TV to iTUNES.

I would then burn a DVD to archive the recordings followed by deleting them from iTUNES to free up space. Worked just fine with iDVD version 6.

iDVD 7.0.3 can see all my other media in iTUNES.... movies, photos, music but not the TV shows.

has any one else seen this? or any ideas? I did try a batch convert of all the TV shows to the movie genre in using the "Get Info" feature of iTUNES but none of the file actually moved to the "movies" section of iTUNES. I even tried moving the files in the finder directory itself from the TV shows folder to the Movies folder in my iTUNEs library. Didn't work.


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