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I just returned from a *much needed* week off from the need to check my calendar. When I went to launch iCal it bounces once and then steps back into line without starting the program.

I haven't installed any new software with which it might be conflicting and I didn't throw away anything recently that could have had anything to do with iCal (just documents sitting on the desktop).

My questions:

1. Is this an unusual occurance or has it happened to you?

2. Can I re-intall iCal from the Tiger DVD without risk of erasing or losing everything else on my system (assuming, of course, that I'd have to start from scratch if I can't find where I saved an archive of my caldendars).

3. I have a webdav cache of my calendars (like .mac but on my own webspace to share between two computers), can I reinstall my calendars from there by just subscribing?

Thanks for any help.
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