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iCal events disappear when you quit

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I'm having a problem with iCal where once I create an event, after I quit and reopen iCal, the event is gone. I've tried this with event under calendars that are published to and ones that are just local, and the same thing happens. I tried trashing the prefs, and still nothing. All of the events that are in the iCal are ok, it is just affecting new ones. I had iCalFix installed, so I tried removing that.

I'm running a iMac G5, with Tiger and the latest updates.

Help, my life is falling apart. Well, I'm having trouble keeping track of things anyway. :)
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Can anyone offer any assistance? Can I re-install iCal? Would that help? I've never had to do anything like this on a Mac.

Same Thing

I am having the same problem and it's driving me crazy, too. I have not found any solution yet. I am on a G5 tower running Leopard.
Very odd. You might try tossing the iCal preferences (back things up first, this may cause a loss of all previously-entered events.

Alternatively, try creating a new account and see if the behaviour appears there. If it doesn't, that's a sure sign there's some conflict in your own account.
I fixed it

I was subscribed to Birthdays from my address book. Deleted this and it started working fine. I read that this stems from an issue with the Address Book and not iCal. Now fixing the address book is a whole 'nother story
I can see how some might benefit from multiple calendars, but this is just confusing to me.

I have mine start immediately, so I know what's expected of me that day. Having to move between calendars would be like having 2 or more on a wall, but one behind the other. ;)
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