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It has arrived. And is now becoming familiar with the inner workings of my system.

iBuddy II, thanks to the transactional magic of RobtheGob, has become a realization.

First and most noteable addition is that iBuddy II, being one of the 20GB iPods, came with A CARRY-CASE!

So one hopes the fate that befell his predecessor will not happen to him.

So I figured, now that I have a new place to live, a new iPod, and a new format to try...

I'm re-ripping my CDs into AAC format.

Some interesting things...

1. Join CD Tracks

Under the Advanced menu in iTunes, some CDs allow you to join two or more tracks together. This cool feature has been useful in that my Paul Oakenfold CDs (which don't have well-defined "tracks" can become one BIG track.

Now i have no idea how long this feature has actually been there, but I found that splitting certain CDs into individual tracks made random playback a very odd experience. So this has managed to make the transition easier for me. Combine all the tracks and I don't run into that problem!

2. Picture is Worth a Thousand Beats?

I love the add a picture feature. It's COMPLETELY EXTRANEOUS but I have grabbed pictures of each CD album cover and had it added to each track. Very fun and cool.

3. FireWire cover at last.

The first generation iPods (iBuddy was a 1st gen iPod) had no cover for the firewire port (and the scroll wheel was an actual moveable wheel) and now experiencing these, it's quite a leasure to see these changes.

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