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Cheers folks,

A sync question. After having another hurdle during a migration (surprise surprise ), I forgot to ask the genius about a certain q? during another step I wanted to take.

Here's the scenario:

Old Mac: used sparingly but is the one I use to sync my iPhone and iPad (all my music and eBooks are there)

New Mac: my work one which was cloned from a diff computer.

I’d like to ONLY migrate the eBooks from the Old to the New. The eBooks are on my iPad and the Old Mac.

What’s the best way to migrate the eBooks from Old Mac to New Mac? I've read a few stories, but was wondering if anyone here had done/tried anything like this?

I supposed I could do something like a drag from Old Mac to drag into New Mac.... 🤔

I've just had so many bizarre moments w/ migrations/syncing now, that I'm always looking around for answers before actually starting the process.

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