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ibook price?

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I've just wondering about how much I should list a G3 ibook for? (Not sure if this is the appropriate venue or not). I'm going to purchase a mac pro and I already own a powerbook for portability.
It is a
900 mhz G3
384 mb ram
20 gb hd
cd drive
silver orinoco card adapted to serve as airport card (fully functional, shows up in menu as airport, no heatsinks or anything at all removed)
reed switch and vent cover repair kit (modified vent prevents chaffing of cord)

I think that about covers it, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Just for full disclosure here are two threads pertaining to this computer and its earlier non functioning sibling, prior to resolution and upgrades. Since which it has been fully functional (barring that annoying reed switch which has been replaced/upgraded) for the past 10 and a half months. And unlike the original seller I would be including all sorts of not to expected items,... like the power cord!

Here is the entire unfortunate series of events:

And this thread relates specifically to the cd drive:
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I'd say no more than $375, given the RAM, speed and storage.
Personally.. I wouldn't even go that high. It's a problematic machine and it's fighting a losing battle with time right now. Leopard which is just around the corner is not going to support this machine, at all. (or so I've heard) G3's are dead in the water now.

That said.. its price is determined by the market.. so, check out what they're selling for on eBay and the like. You'll get a great idea by checking closed auctions.
All the severe issues were with the other computer, (a second ibook was shipped to me through the help of ehmac board members) but I definitely see your point on the age of the machine.
The ebay prices seem to be all over the place, have to wonder if some of the ridiculously high priced machines ever get sold, I think I'll just post it to boards like this for best offer. Barring a sale I'm sure it could be used in a project of some kind.
If you want to see if those eBay iBooks get sold, just do a search and check the box for completed listings. You'll get an idea for what sold and what did not sell that way fairly easily.
I have been looking for an iBook, is that one fast enough to play DVDs or DIVX/XVID?
It is fast enough to play DIXX/XVID files flawlessly and it definitely would be able to play DVDs from an external, although it lacks an internal dvd drive. On the subject of video codecs it does struggle with h.264 in its present not overclocked state, not sure how it would perform if overclocked.
Like my powerbook 1.67 it definitely requires that no other applications be opened in order for new video codecs to play smoothly.
If you are selling it I may be interested, iBooks are next to impossible to find outside of ebay.
A few more questions:

- Does it have a battery? If so, how good is it?
- What condition is the case in?
- What condition is the screen in?
- What OS is installed?
- Are there any remaining problems? (example: Will it die within days of my purchase? :) )
The battery lasts for 2 and a half hours
The case has scratches, I'll post a bunch of pictures on a listing, no cracks or anything like that.
There is one stuck red pixel in the top left hand corner (my girlfriend never notices it, I do though).
Tiger is installed, and the discs are included.
There aren't any remaining problems that I am aware of, I'm going to try to find one of those hardware diagnostic discs somewhere, but all I can say is that it is fully functional now. I'd definitely prefer to deal with someone in person to assure them of the exact condition of the ibook.
If you have any other questions PM me, i'll have the listing up soon.
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