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iBook mis-reading RAM

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I just installed a 512 RAM stick, but my ibook G3 600 Dual USB is still reading the stick as a 256 RAM. Both sticks are PC 133 CL3. No, I didn't put the wrong stick back in and I double checked the new stick and it is definitely marked 512 RAM.

Is there anyway to force the computer to recheck the RAM?
I tried restarting, but I haven't taken the chip out again.
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The RAM DIMM may be single-sided (chips only on one side; look for black rectangular chips). If so, it may not function properly and only read 1/2 the RAM.
There are chips on both sides.

Other than the label, is there any other way to identify the size of the chip?
Here is a link to the auction page where I bought it and also a screen shot of the chip. 512MB PC133 LAPTOP RAM NOTEBOOK MEMORY !!! (item 110152671526 end time 27-Jul-07 19:06:54 EDT)


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