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These computers will interest a collector or specialist who want to complete or even start their collection of one of Apple's most interesting laptops ever.

I have 3 graphite Apple iBook G3 laptops: 2 are the USB 366 Mhz model, 1 is 466 with Firewire. The latter is more of a 'kit' since you need to install a hard drive and DVD bezel (both of which I have sourced and include).

All 3 come complete with an Apple UFO shaped power adapter.

A: Graphite iBook (clear-grey accents) 366 Mhz USB, 6GB HD, 192MB RAM, tiny apple leaf missing on top case. OS9. $85

B:. Graphite iBook 366 Mhz/USB, 6GB HD, 64MB RAM, scratch on topcase. OS9. $85

C: Graphite iBook 466 firewire/USB, 20GB HD, 320MB RAM, including a 20GB hard drive and CD bezel (they need to be installed, but it works fine with the hard drive plugged in using firewire). Not the best case condition, but it is the fastest G3 clamshell iBook Apple made. Runs Tiger 10.4. $170


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