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Hi all. I am new to was referred to this site by a fellow mac lover. quite a nice place. Anyways, this was my most recent accomplishment and thought i would share it with all those who have interest in this sort of thing.

What you will need:

- working ibook G3 (would make sense if cd drive is
- both pieces of lower casing to ibook g4 with trackpad (same size as g3 eg. 12")
- slot face plate from g4 ibook (same size)
- slot loading drive from g4 (eg. combo or dvd-rw drive)
- newer hard drive if you are using an old g3 500mhz or something
(the 2 pins that are not in the cable should be able to jumpered to slave)
- tools to open your mac (imperial alan keys and small star screwdriver)
- other tools: hack-saw(yep, a hack-saw) and a metal file


1. Disassemble ibook g3. (will not go into detail, many guides on this)
- make sure cd drive is removed

2. take slot face plate and look at it as if it were in your ibook. hack-saw the metal nub on the left hand side. ( if you try to put it in the frame you will understand what side).

3. File the metal top of the face plate (not plastic) that fits under the the metal nubs of the frame. must be filed to fit correctly. also because it will be too low to line up with the drive if not filed down. so this is actually the most time consuming part.
May take you some time and patience to get it to fit properly. keep testing it with the slot drive. will still be a tight fit in the end, but it will work.

4. Remove the old hard drive if necessary.

5. soulder the 2 pins on the new hard drive together that do not go into the ide cable. or use a jumper if you have one (would be more professional). This step is the most important because on ibook g3's, there is only one bus. By default the hard drive is master and the cd drive is slave. but on ibook g4's cd is master. By jumping the pins together you are making the hard drive the slave.

Not sure what drives are in the 800mhz and 900mhz models. But you may be able to use the original drive. i just know the 10gb in my ibook g3 500mhz was not able to be jumpered correctly.

6. Remove all metal attachments on the g3 cd drive and put them on th new slot drive.

7. now remove the mouse ribbon cables from both cases for the ibook g3 and g4. then put the ribbon from the ibook g3 on the g4 case. is just light glue use and removes and resticks just fine. But be gentle and make sure to line it up correctly.

8. The fun Part, put it all back together!
things to remember in this step:
- put the magnet back on the new slot drive so your sleep function works when you close the lid
- when assembly is to the final stage and you are putting on the bottom cover, make sure the nubs of the slot face plate are in the holes on the metal of the drive. they are easy to see when you are looking at it from the bottom like this. this is important if you want your cd to insert correctly and not get chewed to hell.

hope this was of some interest for people. if you have any questions while attempting this, just pm me. am always glad to help.

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