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iBook G3 - replacing an optical drive???

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How difficult is this to do? I'm guessing there are special tools I would need to upgrade the drive. I'm looking at a few G3 iBooks but they only have cd-r's in them. I'd like at least a combo drive or perhaps even a superdrive. If it is in fact really complicated, how much should I expect to pay to have a service provider install the new drive?

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Take a look at to see if you feel yourself to be up to the job. Lots of how-tos.
Is it a clamshell or all white iBook? What size and speed? This will make a huge difference.

In any event, it's a large undertaking, but many brave souls have survived the process.

Choose which iBook from here and let us know which link for yours:

Fixit Guide - DIY PowerBook, MacBook, & iBook Repair & Disassembly

Oh, about the other question: about $80 per hour unless the person is really nice and wants to help you for free...
it's a G3 600.

Thanks for the links guys! Certainly looks doable!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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