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Hi all, first post :)

Well, following the reccomendations of the people here, and on any other forum, and reading the horror stories of lossing data, I took a 40 GB IBM Travelstar HD out of my old windows laptop, and picked up a cable that clicks on to the HD (sata, ide, ata, it's one of those ;) i'm not a techie), and plugged it in (USB), and formatted it to HFS+ Journaled with Disk Utility. I got the trial of superduper and set it to make a backup of my macintosh hd to the external hd and left. Came back 2 hours later and the progress bar was frozen and the transfer rate was at 0.00 mb/s. I figured my mac had frozen, so I clicked on the finder icon to eject the external drive, and the finder froze. So I pulled out the HD, un-freezing the finder. It gave me the message about device removal and such, and was back to normal. I plugged the HD back in, and tried to move a copy of my itunes library to the HD, and the same thing happens, the transfer stops 1/4 way through and i have to unplug the drive. Nothing will go over to the drive, same scenario. Should I pick up a "real" external drive, or is this solvable?

iBook G4 1.2 ghz

Thanks in advance!

Colin :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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