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I would like to Recover permanently deleted photos from iPad with iTunes

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Good day to everyone
I have an old iPad 2 that I would like to recover all the photos on it with iTunes
I was trying to copy all of the photos from my iPad to my Macbook Air and instead of copying all the photos from the iPad to the Air it copied everything from the Air to the iPad and all the photos are now gone from the iPad 2 And I know the there must be the most resent copy there on iTunes
But now what happens when I connected the iPad to my mac mini and go to iTunes But when I go to backup and restore back ups is greyed out and it is not working , How can I get to were I can select a back up from the list?
The screen shot is not mine but only an example
In my screen it shows everything but the (Restore back ups )
Thank you very much everyone in advance and have a Great day


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This is my screen shot


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Sorry for the obvious question here. Was the last backup shown for your iPad done before your photos were deleted? And was that backup set to include your photos?

Had you backed up the iPad to iCloud, or to your computer? Your image shows the Restore option greyed out for and iCloud backup. Try choosing This Computer to see if the Restore option becomes available.
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