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And now that I have, I want one so much more than I did before. I have to admit that the commercials and the online marketing doesn't do this thing justice, it way better than I could have imagined.

As I tend to do on Canadian holidays, I popped over the border and played a round of golf at a course on the American side that I like. It is also 15 minutes from the Apple Store in the Walden Galleria so I tend to head over there to see if there is anything new in the US Apple world. I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity today.

Size: I've got the 80 Gb Video iPod. I'd have to say that the iPhone is longer, and slightly narrower and a touch thinner than my iPod.

Screen: Sales guy said that they units had been on display since Friday (4 days now) and not one of them (guessing that there were 20+ on display) had any kind of scratches on their screens. Very bright.

One finger 'swishing': Can't think of a better word for how you 'throw' the screen up and down when scrolling through your contacts. Much MUCH better than trying to zoom around the scroll wheel like I do on my iPod when going from the A's to the S's. Also works on Coverflow view in the iPod mode.

Two finger resizing: Talk about a user interface design! It was incredible zooming pages up and down in size. I used it both in Safari and in Mail. Viewed my site ( and didn't see any rastorization. And I was trying.

Typing: Seemed to work pretty well and that was just after having it in my hand for less than 5 minutes. I even tried 'Blackberry-style' two thumb typing and it worked well. I had one word that it corrected for me.

Headphones: Look like standard iPod headphones but the mic is also a switch that does the pause thing for you. Not a full iPod remote like the FM/Remote accessory but for most purposes, this will do the trick.

Played with the lock. Played with the rotation (super fast and it does 180 if you have it sideways and turn it upside down). Everything seemed even better than previously shown.

Comfort: It just felt good.

Only downside, no Tasks.

As Jeff Goldblum once said about the PowerBook, "Geez you're just gonna so want one!"

I had that same reaction when I saw the keynote back in January. It is now multiplied. Apple/Rogers, please bring this to Canada!
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