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I need to make a floppy from a .image file

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Hey everybody,
I'm in need of some help. My friend is giving me a Powerbook 140 and I need a disk image (a .image file) put on a floppy disk. I also need a way to get apps on to a floppy that I downloaded (i have tried HFVExplorer and tested in mini vmac but the files were there but I could not open them). One more question: is it possible in any way to network my Powerbook 140 with a modem (pluged into a localtalk port) to the internet or for file sharing through my dell 4600 (with pci modem)?


P.S. I have to use my winblows xp computer to this (it has an internal floppy).
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You can always get a usb floppy drive for your newer mac

What purpose could a 1992 powerbook serve at this date?
Don't got one

I don't have any other mac. I know it's a shock but the dell 4600 is the only computer I have (unless you count the wii with it's internet channel and my wifi router).

There are many uses for an old mac other than a door stop. I personally like old macs. I'm going to use it for games (pong, pacman, ect), typing, paint, and possibly e-mail. I just need a way to get my downloaded apps from my pc (with floppy) to my old powerbook 140. The big reason I'm buying this laptop off my friend (for $1 Oh Yah!) is because in my house with 5 people there is only one computer (the crappy dell that is on pc world's top ten worst computers ever made).
YOu could try using a windows to Mac program called transmac to format and move data back from your pc to your antique Mac.

The powerbook 140 will run system 7, it is black and white only, something like a 25mhz motorola 68030 cpu. I guess old versions of Claris works or word, Mac paint, Superpaint, Lightning Paint etc will run.
Though it is technically possible for this to surf the net via dial up, it would be pretty much unusuable. Maybe email might work
I have seen better laptops given away for free, and for good reason.
Any Mac or Powerbook made before 1999 will be lacking in many ways, no usb, no firewire, no airport, no ethernet on some, ram limitations, small hard drives,

I used to use and love Mac OS 6, 7, 8, and 9 back in the 90s, but they are so long in the tooth. OS 9 is so crash prone compared to X, not only that but there is almost no support even for OS9 apps anymore,

Aside from this I do understand why people love old macs, they are fun to set up and see what the OS looked like from as early as 1984.
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did not work

I tried the Transmac program (borrowed from a friend) and it did not open the .image files. The files are the system 7 installer, disk tools, tidbits, ect. I realy need those files. if anybody can make .dsk files on them and put them in a zip archive and post them. Or can anybody can point my to a program that will work with the files.

found out the file

I found out the file is an apple disk image and im wondering if i can just put that on a floppy with my pc and put it in the mac and boot from it. can i do that or do I have to give up. or can somebody give my a .img or .dsk of the install disks and disk tools.

EDIT: I found out that gemulator explorer can open the files and i can see the contents and drag them on to my desktop. Though when I click "write image to disk" gemulator freezes and I can't do anything but it hasn't done writen anything so I don't have re-format the disk. Can somebody tell me if there is another product the same as gemulator but that dosent crash on my pc.
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