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Hey guys...i need some help here I think I may have really screwed something up by accident...

I bought a new drive.....and this is the first time I have attmepted adding a second HD to my tower...

So i got everything in, and I booted from the CD and ran Disk Util. and the drive showed up, and was labeled as "slave" as i set out to do...

So I choose to partition the drive(did I do this too soon?) and I made it one giant partition and named it....

It has been "Preparing drive...unmounting old volumes" for a little while now....the progress bar doesnt seem to be progressing....been about 25 minutes...the drive is 120GB so is this regular behavior?

Did I miss a step?
I am not sure if partitioning it was the right idea..maybe I should have erased it to name it...didnt know...I was stupid to go ahead like that....I know this may be all my fault. if you have the time...I am fairly worried.

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