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I love this thing!

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OK... so yesterday I created my first DVD with my 12" PB G4 (w.Superdrive). I had some issues as I was transfering from an old analog 8mm camera through my Sony MiniDV camera to the Mac... but when I ironed those out... whohoo!

I takes some time (about 3 hours for the whole project) and I don't like how iDVD seemed very non-responsive in terms of status indicators (the progress bar hung for what seemed like hours while it was encoding assests).

But all in all... between iMovie and iDVD for home use there is NOTHING better (and I am comparing this against a 2ghz Dell with WinXP and MS Movie Maker) ... simply awesome.

Now a question.... Is there a difference in the quality of Firewire cables? I have heard the arguement that if a cable is of poor quality you will simply get dropped connections as it is a digital not analog feed. Anyone like to comment on that?
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I have a Lacie firewire cd burner. The product info that came with it stated that the user must use the supplied firewire cable to ensure proper function of the device. I guess one could interpret that as being a possible performance/cable quality problem without the supplied cable.
HHmmmmm My Sony DCR-PC9 video camera did not come with a firewire cable (all it came with was a usb cable).

Is there a difference between a i.LINK, firewire and IEEE 1394 cables?

I purchased a Belkin firewire cable and the PB and the camera connect fine... I just want to know if there is a difference in cables and would that affect the video quality?
da_jonesy - The only difference is marketing name.
The big difference between cables is that they come in 6 or 4 pin configurations. Most sony hardware comes with a 4 pin connection, while apple supplies the 6 pin. You will notice that the shape is different between your apple computer and the sony camera firewire connection. I think the 6 pin is 4 data and 2 power while the 4 pin is 4 data only. You would need 6 pin cables to connect bus powered peripherals.
Da_Jonesy, congrats on your first DVD!

The important piece to understand is that iDVD starts encoding as soon as you build chapters (it does it all in the background). So it's important that you import all your chapters first and then tweak the backdrops, music, etc. This will give the machine time to make all the calcs. If you prepare your scenes in iMovie and then export them with scene names, these will already be as iDVD chapter titles.


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Another thing about firewire cables:

Daisy chaining doesn't work very well with film. I guess there are just too many data pushing through at the same time. So, for example, if I try to capture DV on my external LaCie by chaining the FW connections (my PB12 only has one FW port), I get extremely slow capture and choppy quality.

This means that my PB hard disk must always have at least 15 Gigs free so that I can capture on this first, and then transfer to the LaCie (1 hour is about 12 Gigs).
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