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Hi all, well this may be old news but it's new to me sort of...remember in the old days of OS 7, 8 and 9? remember if you had a few macs kicking around you could sometimes take a harddrive from one and use it on another without any problems (there are times this did'nt work either!) but I always had luck doing this..well I sold my ibook to another nice fellow on this list the other day and backed up my stuff to my external firewire 60 gig hd that I used with my ibook when I am at home..I installed OSX 10.2.6 on it and used it as my main drive because it is faster than the internal...well now that I sold the ibook I bought a dual 800 with a bad I decided to hook up my firewire disk to the tower and see what would happen..well I first pulled the other HD out and then turned the tower on...well it booted and booted fast! no problems at all...I have now installed that drive into the machine and it works just dandy...I did not know OSX could do this! especially being such different machines! oh well I am going to do a fresh install anyways do to the different video drivers etc...but thats cool! anyways try that in the stinkin windows world...or even try to have a dual boot with windows 95 and windows xp...HAHAHAHA yeah right...thanks for reading this! Mark
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