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I got an iPhone today! What software should I use to unlock the iPod/Wi-Fi features?

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Okay folks, I got an iPhone 4GB today and I was wondering which software I should use to unlock the features? I am a mac user BTW. Cheers!

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Hi Mark, Congrats on your iPhone. If you feel comfortable to open and type a few lines in the terminal window I advice iPhoneTool which was easy to follow (make sure you type everything as instructed). Otherwise iActivate (which will perform Jailbreak without having to use the terminal) is the other option. Please note that iActivate is a bit unstable and it might take a few restarts of the program for it to work. iPhoneTool just works in one go. You should know that YouTube will NOT work with either Hacks but Wifi & iPod features do. For Youtube to work you should follow instructions for activation as Pay as You go and the cancel the contract. A US address and credit card is needed for that. Have fun with the iPhone

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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