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HVX 200a (200 rev), 64GB P2 card - $3000

This HVX200a (the follow up release to the HVX200p, that has superior colour reproduction and increased low light sensitivity), is in excellent condition and has always had a UV filter protecting the lens. There is less than 100 hours on the heads.

HVX200a camera with all included accessories (charger, DC coupler, manual, etc.)
Brand name UV Filter
Extended "9-hour" (translation for realistic use time - 3 hours) battery
Firewire 400 cable
Firewire 400-800 adapter cable for use with latest Macs.

64GB P2 card with less than 100 hours use

Camera: $2400
64GB P2 card: $700
(current retail price is $1050+tx)

Complete package price $3000.

Local Toronto transactions only, no shipping, for your protection and mine.


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