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Hull Poutine suggestions

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hi looking for a good poutine location in Hull.
Any ideas?

I like mine with bacon and onion, tastes like perogies and gravy:)

trying to find this on a map:(
24 kinds of poutine!

Le Banquise, corner of Parc Le-Fontaine and Rachel. Open 24 hours.
994 Rue Rachel Hull

looks like it may be in Montreal:(
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Well i dunno about hull but i know in ottawa along carong between maitland and sherbourne there's a GREAT poutine place called S&G fries.

Also, check out "The Works" on Richmond. They have the BEST burgers and their poutine is great too!

- Adam
Were you successful? heh, savor it, you won't have it for a while :)
We went to Hull and now we are full of poutine,
I will check out Sand G. I think the works is so so for the price,
elgin street diner in ottawa.

fantastic poutine.
elgin street diner in ottawa.

fantastic poutine.
Gets my vote too. :)

Philly Cheese Steak Poutine! Mmmm. *drool*
Liam mcquires is my favourite in Ottawa so far.
Liam Maguire's
ESD is good too:)
JP's Fries Chip wagon located in the Canadian Tire parking lot at Merivale and Hunt Club.

This is most likely the best poutine in town. Excellent fries, loads of cheese curds and the perfect amount of tasty beef gravy. The fries are properly soaked but still manage to stay a bit crispy in places. As you reach the bottom and eat your last delicious fry, you'll notice that there's exactly one cheese curd and a little bit of gravy left to go with it. This is the epitome of poutine perfection!
Ottawa Foodies - JP's Fries

I wish we there was a decent Poutine place in the T.Dot :(

Burger King,KFC,NewYork Fries don't cut it for me...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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