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HTML Sig for Mail

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OK, so I am making new signatures for everybody, and to make an HTML signature, you have to open the HTML file in Safari, save it as a web archive, take that archive and move it to the Signatures folder and change the name to match one in there already.

So I do that, and everything works but the image, the image will NOT show up!!! What am I doing wrong! This is driving me nuts (I have put the image in the folder with the web archive and still nothing).
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i've never done this yet but...

is Safari sposed to attach the image? does the image just not show up to the recipient? if it's html code I'd just link to the image online somewhere
From a macosxhints article on the subject: said:]For anyone having trouble getting this to work - your message body must have some styled text (rich text) in it for the HTML sig to be attached. You can even do a space char and embolden that and it will work. This was giving me a lot of grief - I was sending myself test msgs trying to get it to work and it would never work - because I was sending myself blank msgs. Once I threw in a styled char into the msg body it started working perfectly.
ref: - Create HTML signatures for
With Mail, because it uses the Web Archive, its kinda like its own bundle. The original HTML had the image linked (As with the sig for everybody that does not have Mail) and works fine, but it didnt show up in Mail. Will check and see some options and see if I can get it to work.

Thanks RGray
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