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HTML/PDF to ePub

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I've been reading tons of material online, and specifically blog posts, and i've been thinking of a way to convert the pages to ePubs so i may do some highlighting etc... and just load it all up on the iPad.

Has anyone ever done some HTML/PDF to ePub conversions? Or am i over thinking this?? I just want to keep docs and be able to highlight the passages I liked....


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Calibre would work, but you could also send the text to something like Evernote, which supports tagging, highlighting, text formatting, easy searching, etc. It will sync with all of your devices and is searchable. With the browser plug-in, you can choose to save the whole page or just the text / blog post you're interested in keeping. One caveat: it's possible that only the premium service allows for offline storage on your iOS devices -- not sure.
If the PDF has selectable text as most PDFs do, you could do your highlighting in Preview (on the Mac) and save it, or open in iBooks and highlight there on any iOS device (and, coming this fall, the Mac).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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