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Asking Price: $390 (Everything listed below is included)

About a year ago I bought two HP 4650dn Color Laserjets with the intent of printing a book I created. This worked out quite well and I recently upgraded to an HP Color Laserjet that supports tabloid size printing. I sold one of the units, but have another unit up for sale now.

The 4650dn is a high speed, high end colour laser (it sold for $2829 US). It has features to match....
-double sided printing
-22 pages per minute in colour (ie by the time you hit 'print' on your mac the printer is already printing!)
-a 500 sheet paper tray
-support for a hard drive if you frequently print the same thing (this is what I did for my book - it's not included though)
-544MB memory (I added more to max it out and speed up the printing of complex images)
-8000 page toner cartridges (most low end colour lasers have capacities of 2000 sheets for similar prices per cartridge - a substantial difference in terms of the total cost of ownership; look at the HP 2600n for instance in this regard)

-HP 4650dn with maxed out memory (544MB) including a fuser and transfer kit but no toner
-An extra 4650dn for spare parts or for your usage (A $2 piece needs to be replaced for it to print in duplex mode. I intended to buy it but never got around to it.. (reference: IT Resource Center forums - HP CLJ 4650 - Duplex Jams )). When I bought the two units the company I bought them from sent me this as one of the two. Rather than giving me the part to fix it they shipped me an extra unit! No fuser or transfer kit with this extra unit.
-An extra 4600dn. Same problem as the extra 4650dn (only if you want to print duplex!) No fuser, transfer kit or paper tray on this extra unit. Plastics are a bit banged up.

All units include HP JetDirect (networking) cards. You can actually monitor the printer though the internet (which is quite handy if you keep it downstairs but your Mac is upstairs for instance).

Last time I used the printers they worked fine (ie a few months ago), but I don't have a complete toner set to show you it working in front of you. I sold my extra toner with the first 4650dn I sold. I can however power them on for you to show you that they function. I also have a spare book that I printed on it a couple of months back. Furthermore I can show you via the networking card that they function and their specifications.

All include expensive HP networking cards

Photos available if you'd like :).

Pickup at my house near Yonge and Finch (Cash)

eBay My World - handmedia
I used to have a few pieces of feedback on the old ehMac classifieds but it seems to be gone with the switchover? :\
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