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I ran across this article on how to enable signing and encrypting email in Panther using

Gettting the certificate while free requires the use of Mozilla but in the end its quite easy and superbly well implemented. Way to go Apple!

While I do use PGP as well, this is a nice few feature that Apple has made available to us for free. I'd suggest all of you go and read this article, learn how to do it and spread the word with your friends. Sensitive data these days MUST be encrypted via email as there are lots of ways to capture this data for malicious use.

Basically Apple has made in Panther recognize industry standard email encryption certificates and handles the whole thing via the Keychain.

Here's an example: I go and get a free email encryption certificate from, I send you an email and I sign it. in Panther on your end "sees" my enclosed signature and adds my "public encryption" certificate to your keychain autmomatically in the background. If you hit reply Mail can use my encryption certificate in your Keychain to allow you to encryp the email message so that only I can decrypt it. Basically you just click a little lock icon that appears in the email composer. If you have a certificate as well you can "sign" any email and your public encruption key gets sent along with your message so Mail can handle your key as well.

Its very slick and smooth and requires NO intervention on your end. Its all done automatically and in the background. Very nice implementation. Its not a full featured encryption system like PGP which can do a search on a central database for public keys if you don't have the recipients key already or create encrypted disk images or create and alter your own keys on your end but its a simple and effective way to secure your email.

Go and test it out, you'll really like it! I'm certainly hoping this spreads around!
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