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i love these tests. not to see if my connection is the best b/c it's usually just average (still good enough for me).

I love these tests b/c of the mindboggling results.

honestly - it took 63 ms for me to ping a server in ME (more than 300 miles away).

trying to comprehend that is almost like getting a brain freeze eating ice cream...


The speed of light in a strand of fibre is approximately 200km/ms. 300 miles is 480km. 63ms is actually really bad. If I ping a node in Calgary (~3,500 km driving distance) I get a round trip time of around 55ms. So based on 200km/ms and since we know that the fibre routes are not linear, this is about what we'd expect, given the 10ms it takes to get from my home connection to the ISP peering point. :)
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